Updates // May 2017 

"Morbida quiete": some few gloomy new tracks, recorded sometime between 2015-16, are finally coming out soon. A collaboration between Scorze and the beloved Angst.

November 2014 // Deprivation / autocancrena split

split w/ Deprivation // c40, winter 2014
dzp 31 - Diazepam records // ANGST_15 - Angst records // scrz031 - Scorze records
99 pro-printed black tapes // heavy paper artwork + 3 cardboard extra cards

Total black, nihilist pollutions, no way out. Rough/crusty old school sounds. The eternal lie of an ideal happiness and a so-called love, that slowly destroys lives; The repeated and continuous consumption of meat as consumption of soul, exhausting and illusory daily martyrdom, anticipating an inevitable Self-annihilation.

a1 burn
a2 no one will ever...
a3 cruel behaviours
a4 torn apart
a5 two graves

b1 effigie senz'anima
b2 gridate sterminio
b3 verri del nulla
b4 gli eroi della fine

Updates // February 2014

A couple of live shows coming in the end of February:

new tape URNA "Dakhma" (Angst / Scorze / Suicide) release party
electronic sounds by URNA + AUTOCANCRENA + IRS

28.02 - 01.03.2014
two days dedicate to drone, noise and sound experimentations

OIDOCROP collective noise improvisation (a happy death. + autocancrena + Cassandra + IRS + Negativeself)

October 2013 // A Happy Death. / autocancrena "Carne umana"

split w/ A Happy Death. // c40, summer 2013
ANGST_04 - Angst records // scrz027 - Scorze records // scda004 - Suicide autoprod.
tape in b/w cardboard folder // ltd. 50 copies

Inspired to the life, opera and philosophy of the italian writer Pier Paolo Pasolini, the split with the beloved A Happy Death. is out now as a collaboration between three labels - ScorzeAngst & Suicide.

40 minutes of P.E. and raw noise where extracts with the voice of the writer and sounds taken from some of his best known films are mixed with a hopeless and anti-conservative soundscapes.


a1 Io ho fondato la mia causa sul nulla
a2 Una eterna negazione
a3 Cadavere
a4 Inutile ai tuoi occhi / Bisogni incurabili
a5 Dio quanto ti odio
a6 La tua condanna a vivere


b1 Santo divoratore
b2 Le madri dell'obbedienza
b3 Dove non mi si veda mai più

December 2012 // "La distruzione"

Full-lenght // MR011 - Murderabilia Records // pro-printed cd-r
slim dvd box + 4 pages booklet // artwork by Andrea Grieco

This work is based on the screenplay “Woyzeck” by Georg Büchner. Its sounds embrace different atmospheres: from power electronics, to martial industrial, with a touch of ambient. A really high quality concept album, in wich you can find all the illness and the sadness of Woyzeck.

01 Il decoro dei demoni
02 Come marchio di infedeltà
03 Er hat keine Moral
04 La lingua in gola
05 Apologia
06 Vestita di tiepidi umori
07 Le buone pretese

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