November 2014 // Deprivation / autocancrena split

split w/ Deprivation // c40, winter 2014
dzp 31 - Diazepam records // ANGST_15 - Angst records // scrz031 - Scorze records
99 pro-printed black tapes // heavy paper artwork + 3 cardboard extra cards

Total black, nihilist pollutions, no way out. Rough/crusty old school sounds. The eternal lie of an ideal happiness and a so-called love, that slowly destroys lives; The repeated and continuous consumption of meat as consumption of soul, exhausting and illusory daily martyrdom, anticipating an inevitable Self-annihilation.

a1 burn
a2 no one will ever...
a3 cruel behaviours
a4 torn apart
a5 two graves

b1 effigie senz'anima
b2 gridate sterminio
b3 verri del nulla
b4 gli eroi della fine